Army APFT Calculator / Body Fat Calculator

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Army APFT Calculator Two big factors in getting promoted in the Army are your APFT score and your height/weight or body fat percentage. Without passing these crucial parts, you will never get promoted. Use the calculator below to calculate your APFT score and your body fat percentage. After that, head on over to the APFT […]

Army APFT Promotion Points

APFT Promotion Points

APFT Promotion Points Authorized Soldiers recommended for SGT can get a maximum of 160 promotion points. Soldiers recommended for SSG can get a maximum of 100 promotion points. The minimum promotion points for passing scores are as follows: SGT – 40, and SSG – 15. APFT Score Calculator The Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) is […]

Military Training Promotion Points

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Maximum Military Training Promotion Points Military training promotion points top out at 340 for SGT and 255 for SSG. This makes military training the most important section of the army promotion points section. It has the least possible ways to get promotion points, yet it is worth the most. For a SGT, the APFT and […]