Military Training Promotion Points

Maximum Military Training Promotion Points

Military training promotion points top out at 340 for SGT and 255 for SSG. This makes military training the most important section of the army promotion points section. It has the least possible ways to get promotion points, yet it is worth the most. For a SGT, the APFT and weapons qualification make up 40% of the total promotion points possible. This section can make or break your promotion.

Months Deployed

For every month you spend on deployment, you will receive 2 promotion points. The maximum   for SGT is 30. The maximum for SSG is 60.

APFT Score

Military Training promotion points

A soldier calculating promotion points for SGT can receive a maximum of 160 promotion points for a perfect APFT. For SSG, the maximum is only 100 points. If you merely pass the APFT with a score of 180, you will receive 40 points for SGT and 15 for SSG. To the right is an table showing the conversions from APFT score to promotion points.

Weapons Qualification

Promotion points for your weapons qualification uses your most recent weapons card and it cannot be more that 24 months old. Maximum points for SGT are 160. Maximum points for SSG are 100.

If you add up the maximum points in each of the subcategories, you may notice that the number is higher than the maximum for military training itself. If a SGT maxed out each individual category, he or she would end up with 350. However, the total military training maximum is only 340. This is not a typo folks. For some reason, the Army decided this made sense…

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