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  1. Nat M.
    14 May 2014

    Did you get paid? What other course can a reservists get paid for doing?

    • Megan H
      14 May 2014

      I got paid about 3 weeks after I turned in the paperwork.

      • Rob
        8 June 2014

        Can reservists currently on active duty orders get paid for ssd1 as we’ll?

      • Megan H
        8 June 2014

        No, you can’t get paid for SSD1 if you are considered Active Duty for pay periods.

      • Andrew Yeverino
        17 July 2014

        I did all the 4 modules and completed all the 4 module exams, including the SSD-1 survey, but I can’t seem to find the actual completion certificate. Where should it be located?

  2. Branden
    10 August 2014

    I completed SSD-1 over a year ago and learned that I could get paid for it recently. Can I still get paid for completing SSD-1 even though it was completed during a previous fical year?

    • Megan H
      14 August 2014

      That is probably something you will have to talk to your specific unit about. It all depends on how they do things but it is worth a shot.

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