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Get Paid to Complete Army SSD1

The Army Structured Self Development Level 1 course, commonly called SSD1, is a prerequisite course for soldiers to attend Warrier Leader Course (WLC). Most Active Duty soldiers are expected to complete SSD1 during duty hours (yeah, right) or in their off time from work. It is just another part of that soldier’s duty pay. Army […]

ACCP Course Hours List

ACCP Course Hours List  ACCP Course Title Credit Hours AR1000_Ed_A – TANK SAFETY 1 AR1002_Ed_A – Basic Electricity and Turret Schematics 6 AR1004_Ed_A – Gun Tube Technology 8 AR1006_Ed_A – Tank Turret Systems 16 AR1008_Ed_A – Target Acquisition 3 AR1010_Ed_A – Conduct of Fire 3 AR1012_Ed_A – Range Determination 4 AR1014_Ed_A – Firing Tables 6 […]

Army Promotion Packet Checklist

If you are ready to take the next step in your Army career, you are going to need an amazing promotion packet. This packet stands before the board in your place for Army Reserve promotion boards. It represents you and everything you have achieved thus far in your Army career. In the Active Duty Army, […]

Army Online Courses for Promotion Points

Army Online Courses Many soldiers consider Army Skillport and Army Correspondence courses to be the same thing. The names are often interchanged. This is not the case. These are two different Army e-learning systems. You must register for courses differently, and each system contains different courses. Both systems do count for Army promotion points in […]

Army APFT Calculator / Body Fat Calculator

Army APFT Calculator Two big factors in getting promoted in the Army are your APFT score and your height/weight or body fat percentage. Without passing these crucial parts, you will never get promoted. Use the calculator below to calculate your APFT score and your body fat. After that, head on over to the APFT Promotion […]

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